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When it comes to running a profitable medical business, we’ve mastered the solution. Learn how to work less than 40 hours per week, maximize your practice income, and increase staff loyalty while letting them greatly appreciate the rewards of working in healthcare.

what they don’t teach you in medical school or post grad

Why is physician burnout becoming the norm?

Between medical school, residency, and beyond, when do you have time to yourself? You’ve spent years on this journey, only to find that you are swamped in a structured industry.

Our Apex Mission

Flexibility. Lifestyle Management. Financial Success. Simplify the management of high risk patients.

Provide Top of Line Patient Care

Your patients deserve the optimal care. Live up to your patient’s expectations by offering cutting edge technology and remote patient monitoring. Become the gold standard for patients with diabetes or hypertension. Be the best medical practice in your area!

Maximize Professional Earnings

More and more physicians are engaging in remote patient monitoring (RPM). Medicare is highly promoting RPM and chronic care management while also being well-reimbursed.

Transform Your Career

Shift your practice to meet modern patient needs, billing practices and the flexible lifestyle you deserve.


Office Manager

Apex is a very well-organized Remote Patient Monitoring system. The system is very well set-up and very convenient where access to blood pressure and glucose readings, patient information and activating new patients is very fast and easy for staff. Patients are greatly satisfied with their blood pressure devices as it is very easy for them to take their blood pressure without difficulty.